Snow & Fun conditions

We recommend reading our daily updates about which facilities and pistes are open on the Pilatus.



  • When renting fill out a deposit slip, pay a deposit and show an official identification document (passport, ID card, driver’s license, etc.).
  • The deposit slip must be stamped when returning snow sports equipment.
  • Your deposit will be returned at the check-out in Kriens or at the rental station on the Fräkmüntegg when you show your stamped deposit slip. 
  • Without the deposit slip we cannot return your deposit.
  • Deposits are not returned in Kriens if the pistes are only open to the Krienseregg.
  • Late fees are charged for exceeding the rental time. 

Information for families/groups

  • A lump-sum deposit of CHF 50.00 is applied to families/groups. One person shall be held liable for the entire family/group.
  • Snow sports equipment is returned together and in an orderly fashion.

Important information


  • We recommend reading our daily updates on using the facilities on the Pilatus.
  • Snow & Fun is used at one’s own risk.
  • We recommend wearing a helmet.
  • The renter is responsible for the rental equipment and will be held liable for any damage. You can also bring your own sled.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are prohibited in the entire facility.
  • To prevent damage to the Panorama Gondolas, we transport snow bicycles only with sufficient protection.