PILU Land – The children’s paradise on the Krienseregg

Welcome to PILU Land on the Krienseregg. The friendly dragon of the PILATUS BAHNEN AG makes its home here. And little and big friends of dragons also feel at home here: Dragon castle, Dragon woods and Dragon land make for real variety. There are also fire pits and picnic sites for families in PILU Land.

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Tons of fun on the adventure playground

PILU Land, a paradise for children. Romping, playing, balancing, climbing – great for cutting loose. Time to relax? You can do that too: tables, benches in the shade of mighty trees – a place for the entire family. And the extensive grilling area is priceless anyway. All kids love Cervelat sausage fresh off the grill. Chatting, resting, romping, hanging out – that’s PILU Land.

By the way, the adventure playground is educational and mindfully built. It makes for an excellent field trip for kindergartens and schools.

Who is Pilu?

Who spoke sweetly? Snort! – Well, well PILU! You're a real guy, but fortunately not as mighty and terrible as your ancestors of Pilatus’ legends. Leave the flying to the choughs on Pilatus Kulm, they are much better at it. And you only breath fire when you've got a sore throat in the winter – remember the last time? You were so startled you almost fell into your Dragon Moor pool! No, PILU has a much better job. He is the well-liked ambassador of the Pilatus railways for young and old, and he’s just as red as his “great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather” on the Pilatus logotype. But muuuuuch more helpful and funny! That’s why you find him everywhere on the Pilatus where something is going on. He’s also available as a plush toy to take home and dream about the next trip to the wonderful natural landscape of the Pilatus...

Pilu CD

The stories of PILU, the friendly dragon of the Pilatus railways, are also on CD. The CD is available at the PILATUS shops in Kriens, Lucerne, Pilatus Kulm and in most music shops and bookstores in Switzerland.

Jolanda Steiner narrates the PILU CD, accompanied by the duo LEIERCHISCHTE singing the adventures of PILU, the friendly PILATUS dragon. Working with different musicians, Jolanda Steiner has recorded over 15 albums. She is well-known for her storytelling and regularly tours with her musical fairy tales, which she accompanies with percussion and a light show. As an author and producer, Jolanda Steiner works at home and abroad, primarily with classical orchestras, and has won several awards for her work. Find out more at www.jolandasteiner.ch

Songs and music by Roland Schwab & Ueli von Allmen. Roland Schwab & Ueli von Allmen have enjoyed touring success since 1999. The LEIERCHISCHTE live program for children and adults entertains and surprises with a wide variety of instruments, humor and musical variety. Their recordings have received numerous awards. They long ago earned a reputation as an insider tip in the Swiss children's music scene and among event promoters. More at: www.leierchischte.ch

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