Pilatus rope park

Adrenalin, action and fun on the Fräkmüntegg

Are you looking for a special thrill? In the Pilatus rope park you can test your agility on ten different parkours. Leap into thin air, bring plenty of nerve and have a ton of fun. For adventurers young and old, for families and for you! The hefty dose of adrenalin requires no specialized knowledge. Our team will instruct you and look after your safety.

10 parkours – from easy to quite demanding

You climb, balance, and dash on zip lines (tyrolienne) through the woods. You tackle demanding obstacles while having all kinds of fun. The parkours have from six to eleven stations. One thing we can guarantee: whether rope park beginner or rope park freak, you get your money's worth.

To the parkours

PILU Rope Park

Under the slogan “Learning to fly with PILU”, the new PILU rope park takes brave climbers from 4 to 8 years of age on an adventure consisting of seven stages with the Pilatus mascot. The dragon PILU learns to fly with its seven friends and takes the little guys on a journey between tree tops and mountain tops.

Every child is protected by a safety device that must not be altered in order to ensure safety throughout the trip.

Monkey trees

On your trees, get set, go! Climb up the tree trunk and to the top. The easiest climb is suited to kids aged eight and older, while the most demanding is a challenge even for the experienced. In the end there is something to get even the most hard-boiled hearts fluttering. Leaping into thin air requires a leap of faith – it's 14 meters down to the ground. But fear not, the safety equipment catches you and eases you gently to the ground.

Powerfan – experience free fall

Free falling from 20 meters is a shot of pure adrenalin! You think you are flying because only a 6mm-thick rope connects you to the Powerfan. The patented system has been designed so that you do not feel you are being held. In the last meters a braking system is applied to ensure an entirely safe landing. You can get to the Powerfan via the parkour “Dragon Jump”. The parkour is, of course, also suited to experienced aged kids eight and older. But do bring a bit of courage and self-confidence because a special kick is guaranteed. Did you know that the Powerfan in the Pilatus rope park is the only one of its kind in central Switzerland? When will you dare to jump?

Your safety is important to us.

Using the Pilatus rope park does not require any special previous knowledge. Our team looks after your safety and prepares you for climbing with detailed safety instructions. While moving along, the principle of self-belaying applies. Children must be at least 8 years old and 120 cm tall.

The Pilatus rope park is ”Safety in adventures” certified and a member of the Swiss Association of Rope Parks.

Pilatus rope park

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Developing dexterity and concentration while playing? Overcoming one's limits now and again? You can do that at the rope park on the Pilatus.



Price of admission for individuals; family and group rates.


Opening times

Before visiting, find out about facility operations on the Pilatus. During storms and strong rainfall the rope park is closed for safety reasons.



Please carefully read the general instructions and user provisions.