Silver round trip

An excursion by rail, cogwheel railway and aerial cableway

The Silver round trip is as rich in variety as the Pilatus itself. From mid-March to mid-October discover the details of Lucerne’s local mountain by using the railway, the cogwheel railway, the aerial cableway and the Panorama Gondolas.

Lucerne–Alpnachstad (by rail)–Pilatus

The “Silver round trip” is a highlight for rail enthusiasts. The central railway from the main railway station in Lucerne will whisk you along the shores of Lake Lucerne to Alpnachstad in twenty minutes. There the steepest cogwheel railway in the world awaits to take you all the way up to the summit of the Pilatus. On the comfortable ascent you can already feast your eyes on the scenery. The panoramic view of the Alps from the Pilatus is one of a kind. Another highlight awaits you on the Pilatus – a panoramic view of the mountain range of the Alpine massif.


Gliding along: From Kriens to the valley station with the aerial cableway “Dragon Ride” and the Panorama Gondolas. From there it’s a five-minute walk to Bus no. 1 for the main railway station in Lucerne.

Silver round trip

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