Restaurant Pilatus-Kulm

Exquisite meals in a unique atmosphere

Since 1890 guests have marveled upon entering the Restaurant Pilatus-Kulm. Then as now we are here to indulge you. Our kitchen team prepares select dishes, of course using regional and fresh ingredients. The menu is seasonal. The restaurant consists of three dining rooms and a sun terrace.


Pilatus Kulm

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Queen Victoria Saal

The Queen Victoria Saal from the Belle Epoque, built in 1890, seats up to 100.

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Cheminée Saal

The Cheminée Saal feels almost a bit like home – pleasant and charming while accommodating 60 guests.

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The historic Dohlenstübli seats 30 in a homelike atmosphere. The panoramic view of the central Swiss Alps is one of a kind.

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Sun terrace

Have a seat on our sun terrace with room for 200 people. We will look after your culinary well-being. Nature does the rest.

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