Flower Trail on the Pilatus

A walking tour through the blossoming glory on the Pilatus

Walk the Flower Trail through the wildflowers on the Pilatus. Countless species find their spot despite wind and weather. Sometimes rooted a meter deep, they blossom and bloom. Signs along the path provide information on plant species, blooming periods and Latin nomenclature. 

Learning while hiking

Along the Flower Trail you will find signs explaining the flora, flower colors and blooms. If you would like to have this information at home as well, the drawings on the signs come from the book “Flora der Schweiz” (Hess, Landolt, Hirzel, Birkhäuser Verlag).

Please note that alpine flowers are protected in the entire region of the Pilatus, from Lake Alpnach, Pilatus Kulm and Mittaggüpfi to and including the Risetenstock in the Entlebuch Biosphere.

The Flower Trail is a gift from Pro Pilatus, the association for protecting the region of the Pilatus. The project is supported by PILATUS-BAHNEN AG. The trail is open June-October.

Flyer Pilatus flower trail

Flower Trail on the Pilatus

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