Parkour rope park – the ten routes

Would you like to challenge and test your agility, coordination and concentration through play? To overcome your limitations now and again? You can do that at the rope park on the Pilatus, where safety is top priority. That's why rope-park employees will provide you with precise safety instructions before you hit the parkour. While on the move, the principle of belaying applies. You conscientiously secure yourself and also check one another. In addition, the facility is supervised by a qualified member of staff.

Dragon egg, Dragon nest, Pontius

Requirements: age 8+, minimum height 120 cm
Parkour color yellow, pink, green

Mont Fractus, Flying Dragon, Drachen-Jäger

Requirements: minimum height 130 cm
Parkour color blue, brown, violet"

Höhenrausch, Draconibus, Draconita

Requirements: minimum height 140 cm
Parkour color orange, red, black 


Requirements: age 14+, minimum height 150 cm
Parkour color black/red


Requirements: age 8+, minimum height 120 cm
Body weight min. 20 kg, max. 120 kg