Rope park conditions

General information

  • The price of admission buys a maximum of 3 hours in the Pilatus rope park and includes access to all 10 parkours, equipment rental (harness, helmet, gloves) and detailed safety instructions.
  • The Powerfan is charged separately; the Pilatus rope park conditions of use also apply.

Minimum requirements

  • The minimum age is 8 years, minimum height 120 cm and maximum weight 120 kg.
  • Children under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children from 11 to 14 years must be supervised by an adult.

Schools/ groups of children

  • Per 10 children (8–11) one or two adults must also climb.
  • Per approx. 10 children (11–14) one adult supervises in the rope park


  • Per family with children (8–11) one adult must also climb.
  • Per family with children (11–14) one adult supervises in the rope park 

PILU Rope Park

  • For children from 4 to 8 years
  • The price of admission allows for a maximum stay of one hour.
    Each additional 1/2 hour costs CHF 5.00. 

Conditions of use

Please observe our general conditions of use. They must be signed prior to using the facility.

Conditions of use

Safety in Adventures

The Pilatus rope park is certified by Safety in adventures and is a member of the association of Swiss rope parks.