Quality is important to us. This is why PILATUS-BAHNEN AG regularly submits to the auditors of certification authority SGS. Thanks to our excellent results, we are able to continue boasting the label ISO9001.

Quality Seal for Swiss Tourism

The “Quality Seal for Swiss Tourism” boosts quality development and assurance in touristic businesses. Its goal is to increase quality awareness in the businesses, to promote collaboration between the various providers and to maintain a high level of service quality in Switzerland as a holiday destination.

Q Level I
Businesses can develop and secure their service quality with the instruments of Level I. The process to be implemented stipulates a high degree of individual responsibility but delivers rapid results that are quickly implemented with regard to business processes and responsibilities. The purpose of the Quality Seal Level I is thus not primarily to have an outward effect, but to motivate from within. Guests should not just recognize quality through the seal, but experience it through better service.

QQ Level II
Developing and securing service quality is not possible without steady support from management. Building on Level I, the focus of Level II is the management of the organization. Implementation of Level II leads company management to meaningful information which facilitates informed decisions (what do employees and staff think about the business? How do guests rate the service? What results do discreet checks by a mystery person yield?). In addition to simple and prompt conclusions on strengths, weaknesses and measures for improvement, the clearly arranged evaluation report also facilitates direct comparison with other businesses in the same sector.

When a business has passed Levels I and II of the Quality Seal for Swiss Tourism, it should be in position to implement a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS). There are several ways to go about this (e.g. ISO, EFQM). The goal of the organizing body is to award businesses with a comprehensive and internationally recognized QMS Quality Seal Level III.

ISO certification

ISO-9001 – quality lived and breathed
In 2003 PILATUS-BAHNEN AG was the first mountain railway in central Switzerland to be ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 certified company-wide.