Aerial Cableway Fräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm

The new aerial cableway «Dragon Ride» gives the impression of flying thanks to its spacious interior, cockpit-like design and large windows – a mountain experience that gets the adrenalin pumping. Enjoy the 3.5-minute ride to the top and the breathtaking view!
Technical Data
SectionFräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm
Opened1 April 2015
Operating periodall year (except during the maintenance)
Height difference646.6 m
Length of cable1'387.6 m
Travel speedfield max. 9.0 m/s; support 7.0 m/s
Travel time3 minutes 39 seconds
Maximum passenger transport capacity589 persons per hour
Cabin capacity2 cabins, 55 + 1 persons each
Transport systemReversible cableway
Driving power260 kW, drive station: Fräkmüntegg
Cable2 carrying cables per track Ø 44 mm; 1 haul cable Ø 30 mm
Support1 support, height 18.3 m, gauge 11.8 m
ManufacturersMechanical: Garaventa AG, Goldau
Electrical: Frey AG, Stans
Cabins: CWA Design, Olten