Aerial Cableway Fräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm

Until August, 31, 2014, the aerial cableway will continue to take you from the Fräkmüntegg to the Pilatus in only 5 minutes. From September 1, 2014 to spring 2015, the Fräkmüntegg - Pilatus Kulm service will be closed due to the construction of the new Aerial cableway.
Technical Data 
SectionFräkmüntegg – Pilatus Kulm
Opened9 March 1956
Reopened3 December 1983 (after conversion)
Operating periodAll year (except during the maintenance)
Height difference647 m
Length of cable1389 m
Travel speedmax. 6.5 m per sec.
Travel time5 min.
Maximum passenger transport capacity480 persons per hour
cabin capacity2 cabins, 40 persons each
Transport systemReversible cableway
Driving power250 kW, drive station: Fräkmüntegg
Cable2 carrying cables per track Ø 38 mm, 1 haul cable each: towards summit Ø 26 mm & towards valley Ø 23 mm
ManufacturersMechanical: Garaventa AG, Goldau
Electrical: Frey AG, Stans