Pilatus rope park – Central Switzerland's largest

Young adventurers (or the young at heart!) looking for extra thrills will meet their match at the Pilatus rope park – and no special training is needed. Please check the latest information on the status of the amenities on the Pilatus before setting off.

Ten trails with varying degrees of difficulty

Thrills and spills are guaranteed: each trail consists of between six and eleven features requiring balancing and climbing, and there are cool aerial ropeways and challenging obstacles. Whether you're a rope park beginner or a seasoned user, you're in for a real treat!

Monkey trees

Climb your way up a tree trunk and check out the various degrees of difficulty of the monkey trees. The easiest climb suits children from the age of eight, while even experienced visitors will find the hardest a challenge. It ends on a high: let yourself fall up to 14 metres and abseil gently to the ground courtesy of the safety device.

Powerfan – the freefall adventure

Imagine the rush of adrenalin when freefalling 20 metres! The Powerfan is a patented system that allows you to freefall without the sensation of being held – all that links you to the Powerfan is a 6 mm diameter rope. A few metres from the end of your fall, a braking mechanism takes over that allows you to land gently on your feet without any jerking, jarring or bouncing. You reach the Powerfan using along our special «Dragon-Jump»-trail. Powerfan is unique in Central Switzerland and perfect for adventure-seekers aged eight and older.