Quality seal for Swiss Tourism

PILATUS-BAHNEN Focus On Quality!
The «Quality Label for Swiss Tourism» is supported by the tourism umbrella organizations. Its aim is to increase the quality awareness of companies in tourism and thus continuously improve quality of service in the holiday destination Switzerland.

What is the significance of the Quality Label for Swiss Tourism?

The «Quality Label for Swiss Tourism» programme offers companies the opportunity to examine, safeguard and specifically optimize their services. Its aim is to increase quality awareness within a company, to promote cooperation between the various service providers and to maintain service quality at a high level in the holiday destination Switzerland.

How do you profit as a customer?

You as a customer are assured that the personnel and management of companies bearing the Quality Label continually focus on quality. They do their utmost to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of you, the customer.


The Level I instrument aallows companies to develop and safeguard the quality of their services. The process to be introduced requires a large measure of own responsibility but provides results which can be quickly and easily implemented in terms of operating procedure and responsibility. In addition, the Quality Label Level I should primarily not have an external effect but create motivation within the company. The guest should not only be able to recognise quality through the emblem but also experience it directly through improved services.


The development and safeguarding of quality of service is not possible without consistent management support. Building upon Level I, in Level II the main focus is on company management. With the introduction of Level II, the company management acquires sound managerial information which enables informed decisions to be taken. (What do employees and cadre think of the company? How do guests rate the services? What results does a concealed check by a mystery person reveal?) Apart from providing straightforward and rapid conclusions on strengths, weaknesses and improvement measures, the precise analysis report also makes it possible to draw direct comparisons with other companies in the same branch.


Once a company has gone through the Levels I & II processes of the «Quality Label for Swiss Tourism» it should be in a position to introduce a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS). There are various ways to do this (for example ISO, EFQM). The aim of the sponsors is to award companies an all-embracing internationally recognised QMS Quality Level III.